Some Factors to Consider When Evaluating Imported Marble Suppliers

As such a versatile material, there is a wide variety of projects an individual could have in mind when they consider installing marble in their home. Whether a buyer wants to set a luxury marble in their home or kitchen or revitalize their bathroom.  

Your online and word of mouth reputation can make the difference between landing a project and losing out to a competitor. That is why it is so important to partner with qualified and professional vendors.  

Your project and ultimately your client’s satisfaction may come down to who and where you source your products and services. This is especially true when sourcing natural stone.  As an interior designer or contractor, you may want to be selective with whom you choose as your stone supplier. Remember, this is where your clients will make what is often times the most significant product selection for their project.  

To avoid this, it’s crucial that you research a company before you entrust them with the task of providing you with high quality, timeless marble for your clients and their home improvement projects. In order to make sure the end result will impress your clientele, you’ll want to ensure that the supplier you choose to work with fulfills all of the essential criteria. 

Here are the factors that you will want to consider before buying the le from a particular supplier:

Range of Products:- With the inherent versatility of marble, your clients might be looking to complete any number of projects with it. Whether they are aiming for a beautiful new countertop, a stunning flooring, or an impressive and luxurious wall, you will want to demonstrate that you are the right professional for the job. This means, however, that you need to source a vast selection of marble readily available to meet any project requirement. 

To accomplish this, you must carefully examine the market to make sure you choose a company that is able to cater to whatever needs and specifications you may have to fulfill. If you find a company with a wide range of product that provides you with everything you need, then this is a good sign they are well established.

Company Knowledge:- The extent of knowledge that marble slab suppliers have regarding what they sell will often indicate their level of competency and expertise. It is a good idea to discuss with any potential supplier about the products they offer to get an idea of their experience and proficiency with marble and all other natural stones. 

Customer Service:- The Dealer that you choose should work easily with you to confirm your order as per your specifications. You want to be able to communicate with them and feel confident that they will do all that they can to exceed your expectations and should a problem arise, resolve any situations as quickly as possible.

Quality:- Any Marble supplier that you are working with should take quality seriously. After all, you can be confident your clients are going to be serious about the quality of the products they are looking for, so you need to be up for the challenge. The Marble supplier you work with should have a quality control inspection process in place for all the products they offer, and hold themselves and their materials to high standards.

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Why We Use Imported Marble in Our Home?

Looking for the best options for flooring or some antique, extravagant, opulent, aesthetic piece of stone for bathtubs, countertops then marble is a wonderful choice. Sometimes it becomes a daunting task for people who don’t have any information about these lovely natural occurring stones. Read this blog to find more about marble.

The marble looks spectacular:- Marble sits at the top when it comes to appearance, no other stone comes near it. It is the best natural occurring stone. Marble comes in a variety of shapes, designs, and colors. Nothing beats the beauty of marble. It is associated with a regal look.

Marble is highly durable:- When it comes to strength marble makes an impression that is difficult for others to impersonate. Most of the structures contain marble like Taj Mahal and many others. The strength of the marble makes people go gaga over it.

Versatility:- The things that make marble superior is its versatility. It can be used in flooring, countertops, bathtubs, patio and the list goes on and on. Marble provides the touch of royalty, feeling of class that makes it incredible.

Light Reflecting Properties:- Due to its amazing light reflecting property marble looks more aesthetic. Reflection makes a room more spacious and brighter.

Excellent Insulator:- Marble is an amazing insulator. It retains the warmth during winters and remains cool during summers. It can help to maintain the ambient temperature. 

Timeless Elegance:- Marble comes in different shapes, textures, and designs. It has been prized with beauty and elegance and it goes with any decor. 

Some of the top imported marbles from our portfolio:-

Spanish Grey Marble :- Spanish Grey marble is a natural stone of Spanish provenience, distinguished by an intense grey color and more or less marked veining. A lithotype with a strong personality, very much used in modern and contemporary projects.

Spanish Grey Marble

Emperador Marble :- Emperador Dark is a charming marble from Spain highlighting scope of dim, rich tans and grays. This marble is suggested for both private and business property establishments. Design lovely marble ledges, marble tile floors, emphasize dividers, and different highlights with sections and organizing tiles from the Emperador Dark accumulation.

  •  Breccia Aurora Marble :- Breccia Aurora Marble is a breccia beige with slightly contrasted tones marble quarried in Italy. This stone is especially good for Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool, and wall capping and other design projects.
Breccia Aurora Marble

Breccia Aurora Marble

  •  Golden Spider Marble :- Golden Spider is a white base with golden yellow streaks. It is present in hones, polished sawn cut,rock-faced & tumbled. It can be used in exterior-interior walls, applications, countertops, fountains, and other design projects. Also known as drama gold & Platanotopas marble.
Golden Spider Marble

Golden Spider Marble

  •  Grey William Marbles :- Grey William marble is a grey stone with dark brown and grey shades sedimentary rock quarried in Italy. This stone is especially good for Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool, and wall capping and other design projects.
grey william marbles

grey william marbles

And Much More…

 Marble is the finest piece of luxury that men can possess. Having great structure and aura marble attract masses. Stone Hub India takes pride in providing these timeless natural occurring stones to the people. If you are looking for stone that stands out from the rest and provides a sense of utmost luxury and prestige. We are based in Kishangarh. The zeal to provide best imported marble to the marble lovers made us to expand our product catalogue. We have the finest imported marble from Turkey, Italy, Africa and Spain. For more details Contact us.

Marbles Vs Tiles: Which Is The Better Flooring Option For Your Home

Floors constitute the base of any home decor. They are of huge value due to an aesthetic point of view. A common dilemma for Indian homeowners is choosing between the evergreen marble and the relatively newer but equally popular vitrified tiles. Read more to find out

Properties:-  Marble is a naturally occurring stone formed from calcite, dolomite or limestone, marble is a dense, porous stone with a high water absorption rate. Featuring fascinating swirls and veined patterns on the surface, this stone has been widely used in architecture as flooring and wall cladding. Whereas Tiles are formed by treating a mixture of clay and other minerals like silica, quartz, and feldspar baked at high temperatures. This forms a glassy substrate giving it its characteristic smooth texture. These tiles have a low water absorption rate and are durable.

Variety & Design:- Marble is a distinctive material having a personality of its own, marble flooring is available as blocks, slabs or tiles. Commonly found in shades of white, black, green, brown, grey and other natural hues, different grades of marbles will absorb water differently. Polished marble is used for glossy finishing and for rustic sand marble is used.

Tiles are man-made and come in a large variety of designs, colors, prints, and textures. It can be designed to simulate natural materials such as wood, bamboo, and even marble. Suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Installation & Maintenance:- Installation of marble is time-consuming and labor-intensive.  Apart from the time required to lay marble flooring, the time for polishing and finishing also adds to the overall installation time. Marble is a naturally occurring substance and tends to react with surrounding, so extra care is required.

Tiles installation, on the other hand, aren’t time-consuming labor-intensive.

But Hey! When you are looking for aesthetics that impart an original touch to your house then marble is leaps and bounds ahead of tile.

Durability:-  Considered strongest among other flooring marble can stay intact for around 25 years, but due to years of usage it may develop some cracks or yellow tinge due to oxidation.

Tiles are prone to damage due to mishandling. They can stay intact for around 8-13 years. But they lack the strength of marble.

Cost: – Marble is a naturally occurring substance and its amazing features make it costly. But you won’t regret spending an extra buck on marble if you are looking for something extraordinary for your house.

Tiles being man-made is cheaper than tiles. But still, they lag behind the marble.

Aesthetic Value:- When aesthetic value comes into play marble is head and shoulder above the tile. Marble flooring is considered as prestige, a symbol of luxury and opulence. The dazzle and authenticity of marble adds to the aesthetic appeal.

Tiles, on the other hand, being more cost-effective act as a second fiddle to marbles. They lack that plush, royal, extravagant feature when compared to marble.

Stone Hub India is a benchmark name in the marble industry. We provide the finest cut of pristine marbles not only from India but from foreign countries also, We have established ourselves as a finest imported marble company not just in Kishangarh but in the rest of India. For further information regarding imported marbles head to our products section.

Is Marble a Good Choice for Countertops?

Ever struck with a thought that whether to choose marble or granite for countertops. Countertops are horizontal work surfaces used in kitchens, bathrooms, lavatories. It is installed upon and is given support by cabinets.

Both marble and granite can be used for countertops. People have a perception that only granite can be used for countertops but in reality, marble can act as a good alternative for granite countertops.

In a time when marble is omnipresent. It is on walls, floors, it’s normal to want to hop onto a slab of nature’s finest and is hard to let go. If you’re going into a kitchen renovation, though, you should know that marble’s pretty exterior is hiding some interesting facts. It’s not all bad, here’s everything you need to know.

  1.  Marble Countertops offer Spectacular Beauty:- The reason marble remains in heavy demand for countertops is because of it’s elegant amazing looks. This igneous stone comes in a variety of colors. The choice of hues includes solid white, solid black and a range of colors in the rose, yellow, gray, green, white and black spectrums, etc. No two slabs are ever alike, so you’ll be assured of having a unique piece of countertop for your home.
  2. Marble is heat-resistant which is great but you still need to be careful.:- The most amazing property of marble is that it is heat resistant that makes it suitable for countertops that deal with high temperatures. The beauty and character of a natural stone impresses users a lot.
  1. Marble is a porous, high-maintenance surface.:-  It is unnecessary to get into the geology of this, but the takeaway is that marble is vulnerable to staining agents (like wine, juice, and oil) that seeps deep into the rock. When this happens, it’s difficult to reverse, so professionally sealing the surface upon installation is essential to help prevent damage. If you do find yourself battling permanent pops of color due to red wine stains, it can be removed using ammonia and hydrogen peroxide and clean it until the mark is gone.

When it comes to selecting kitchen countertops classic white marble remains the top choice for many homeowners. It is no surprise that marble countertops are so popular—the material has been attracting fans for hundreds of years. It’s a natural material with a great variety, depending on which species you select and how it’s cut, It creates a really lovely natural pattern, which you don’t get with a lot of artificial materials.

Besides its natural beauty, there is a reason marble has historically been so popular for sculpture: It’s easy to work with tools. Add modern computer milling machines to the equation and almost anything’s possible for kitchen decorating.

There is a number of edge profiles to choose from, but Grooves prefers a simple eased. Hard stones like marble are brittle, it can chip when hit at 90 degrees.

Stone Hub India is a certified organization engaged in manufacturing, mining, processing & trading of natural Indian, Imported Granites, Marbles, Quartzites, Sandstones. Indian stone and many more Marbles are from our own premium mines. Backed with years of experience, we have served clients from different walks of life.

Kishangarh is Asia’s biggest marble market. Every query about any marble will be answered when you visit Stone Hub India. We offer hundreds of shades in stone – from the bright sunshine yellow, red or golden to the eye cooling green, grey, beige or pink. Our stones are available in many patterns, finishes, sizes and are ideally suited for both interiors and exteriors – flooring, walkways, wall cladding, roofing, pool, patio, counter panels, etc.


How to Choose Best Marble for Home?

Marble is a world in its own. One of nature’s most amazing creations. It takes millions of years to produce this natural stone, which is a cluster of calcite. When mixed with the metal strains, it produces the most amazing patterns which end up in the form of floorings or miniatures or walls or buildings, the architecture of which can be seen all over the world.

There are many kinds of marbles available in marbles.  The most unique feature/fact about marble is, it doesn’t have a definite name. Stone Hub India is a top leading Imported marble company in India. 

The variety is mostly named after the place it is mined from. Talk about Makrana Marble, for instance, has been named after the Mining city Makrana, which lies in the integral parts of Rajasthan.

Marble has classy patterns on them, as can be seen on them in the form of veins, and other forms. The color of the vein is decided by the metal it gets in touch with, during its making, deep inside the mother earth’s womb.

The marble decorated our homes and also decorates our offices, buildings, community parks. The floorings made from marble add strength to the building. Many ports have used marble.

Even the ever famous wonder of the world, The Taj Mahal, is made completely from White Marble.

Marble dealers are spread all across the world. The best of the marbles, at easy prices, could be found in the Rajasthan mining regions, like Kishangarh.

Marble quality matters on the basis of their look, patterns, the involvement of impurities of offbeat colors as we call it. Which not only adds to the patterned veins but also in a way, sometimes, if unified color gets added, which might make it not a symmetrical part in comparison to another, the process depended on that, especially when if we require similar marble especially like in the case of floorings.

The prices of marble, like diamonds, is never decided. Everything depends on the purity, as it is a natural stone, the texture, the patterns, the color, and brittleness, the polish, and various other factors to decide the quality of marble. But the result of all is sure, that if architecture and planned correctly the best marble or not the best marble, the result will lead into beautiful patterned results, which, like a diamond, is forever….

Stone Hub India is a top leading Imported Marble Company in Kishangarh. We offer the widest range of Indian & International Stones i.e Marbles, Granites, Sandstones, Limestones, Pavings, Rainforest Marbles, Slates, International Stones, International Granites & our exclusive products. Stone Hub India brings you the finest quality naturally occurring colored stones & slabs.



Choosing The Right Product For Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor space at home is an important place where visitors first keep their feet before entering your house. It is necessary to construct this space interesting and attractive to make it look beautiful at the same time to utilize each corner as per your space availability. 

To beautify outdoor living space, you can use certain articles including vegetative flora that will give you a natural look with a fresh atmosphere. To beautify your outdoor space, you can use a few tips given below that will help you create a beautiful house as per your flavour.

Tips to Make Your Outdoor Living Space bit More Attractive

Selection of Outdoor Furniture:- Outdoor furniture should be different from an indoor house, but furnishing the outdoor area will add up an attractive piece of work in the alfresco arena. Buy a set of plastic made or waterproof wood furniture that you can use with outdoor-friendly fabric and other materials. Make sure you select a set of durable furniture that stays for long-lasting use.

 Use Flora and Create a Vegetative Environment:- Grow beautiful grasses and plant trees in your outdoors will give you a natural ambiance in alfresco enticing everyone visiting at your home. The outdoor environment with vegetative milieu is completely different from other constructed houses. You can take the help of Interior design consultancy firm to create such an environment and beautify your house.

Choose the Right Outdoor Accessories:- For indoor space, you have got unlimited option to decorate your house. But for outdoor space articles like pots garden ornaments, bowels, lanterns, and baskets, etc. are suitable. If you don’t want to use an outdoor rug and you can paint a fake paint on the floor using ordinary house paint. Choose the weather-proof items like candles and stacks or kind of artwork masterpieces matching to brick wall fencing your outdoor area.

The temperament of Essential Lighting:- Outdoor space gets natural lighting throughout the day, and most probably during the daytime, you don’t need any lighting but at night the situation is different. In the open area you can use oil torches, candles and solar panels which are the best natural source of lights. For covering a large portion of the area you can install multiple solar panels and utilize sunlight electricity for illuminating your garden area at a very low cost.

Maintain the Privacy Level:- Indoor space provides privacy and intimacy to living members of the place while outdoor space is open. To cover your outdoor area, you can use wooden fencing and small containers of colourful flowers. Install panels to doorway along with metal rings and nails and your garden area alongside this fencing to cover your outdoor space. You can take the help of  Interior design consultancy to find the best material and suitable fencing tools to save your cost and effort.

Stone Hub India is an organization that is involved in mining, trading, and processing of Indian imported marbles. With the shear experience, we have established a name in the marble and stones industry. Our efforts are always welcomed by our lovely, amazing clients. We are backed by the most hardworking and trained professionals that work hard to provide the best quality stones and marbles. For more information visit Stone Hub India Kishangarh, Rajasthan.

Are You Looking for Marble? Let’s Talk About Turkish

Did you know that Turkey is a leading supplier of the world’s marble and travertine? Just like Italy, Turkey has a rich history of stone quarrying. The country provided material for statues and monuments for even the ancient Greeks and Romans. Natural stone has been one of Turkey’s main exports for thousands of years, and there is still plenty to be found.

Turkish marble may not have the same cache as Italian marble, but if you’re looking for a beautiful quality marble product at a better value, there are some amazing Turkish marble options you’ll want to check out. 

Marble from Turkey may not have the same cache as, say, Italian marble. But if you’re looking for a beautiful, quality marble product at better value, there are some Turkish selections you may want to consider.

According to the Turkish government, more than 30-percent of the world’s reserves of marble are in Turkey. Most of it comes from an area west of the 31st Parallel and south of Istanbul. White and travertine are the best-known natural stone products, but the country is a source of granite, limestone, and onyx too.

Just like Italian marble, Turkish marble has provided material for statues and monuments throughout history. Natural stone has been one of Turkey’s main exports for thousands of years, and there is still plenty available. Here’s a look at some of our favorite Turkish marbles here at Stone Hub India. 

Here are a few other Turkish products you’ll see here at Stone Hub India:-



  • African Brown Marble:- African Black Marble is an imported marble of brown color from the marble quarry of turkey. There is a presence of deep brown veins with dark brown background. This type of marble is good for durability & water resistance. African Brown Marble can be used for construction and design projects.


African Brown Marble

African Brown Marble-Stone Hub India


  • Armani Beige Marble:- Armani Beige Marble is Turkish marble, whether light or dark, with beautifully eccentric variegation in it. Armani Beige is a kind of beige marble quarried in Turkey. … It also called Adalya Armani Marble, Amani Beige, Aman Beige, Armani Beige Marble, in the China stone market. Armani Beige can be processed into Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rock faced, Sandblasted, Tumbled and so on.


Armani Beige Marble-Stone hub India

Armani Beige Marble-Stone hub India


  • Armani Grey Marble:- Armani Grey Marble is imported from the finest quarries of Italy & Turkey. This type of marble is also known as Fossil beige marble as it is having patches of fossils all over it. This is a unique specialty of the presence of fossils that give it the name of Armani Grey. It can be used anywhere in the application i.e interior as well as exterior.


Armani Grey Marble-Stone Hub India

Armani Grey Marble-Stone Hub India


  • Bullberry Grey Marble:- Bullberry Grey Marble is a Turkish marble with beautifully eccentric variegation in it. Bullberry Grey is a kind of beige marble quarried in Turkey. This kind of marble is beige in color with white patches and veins present all over it. It is widely used for large commercial spaces as well as residential projects.
Bullberry Grey Marble-Stone Hub India

Bullberry Grey Marble-Stone Hub India



  • D’Martino Marble:- D’Martino Marble is a sort of beige marble quarried in Turkey. This stone is particularly useful for Exterior – Interior divider and floor applications, ledges, mosaic, wellsprings, pool, and divider topping and other outline ventures.
DMartino Marble-Stone Hub India

DMartino Marble-Stone Hub India


  • Grey Laurent Marble:- Grey Laurent marble with various filtrations in tones from ochre to red. It is a luxurious marble imported from the finest quarries of Turkey. This Marble has an extreme fine and smooth texture which features a light blue background with dark red & pinkish veins. It is suitable for any space in which you want to add luxury.


Grey Laurent Marble-Stone Hub India

Grey Laurent Marble-Stone Hub India


  • Light Emperador Marble:- Emperador Light Marble is a sort of light-dark colored marble quarried in Turkey. This stone is particularly useful for Exterior – Interior divider and floor applications, ledges, mosaic, wellsprings, pool, and divider topping and other outline projects. Light Emperador Marble is Light darker shaded marble, which is depicted by its irregular vein. It can be used deck, backsplashes, bathrooms or fireplaces. 


Light Emperador Marble-Stone Hub India

Light Emperador Marble-Stone Hub India


  • Marmara White Marble:- Marmara White Marble from Turkey is a cleaned marble including specific direct veins of grays and whites this magnificent regular stone is the perfect choice to make astonishing marble edges, fireplace dividers, back sprinkles in both private and business properties.


Marmara White Marble-Stone Hub India

Marmara White Marble-Stone Hub India


  • Perlato Classic Marble:- Perlato Classic Marble is a kind of beige marble quarried in Turkey. This stone is especially good for Building stone,countertops, sinks, monuments, pool coping, sills, ornamental stone, interior, exterior, and other design projects. Perlato Classic is suitable for inside and outside applications.


Perlato Classic Marble-Stone Hub India

Perlato Classic Marble-Stone Hub India

Stone Hub India is the top imported marble supplier in Kishangarh. We used Italian marble on Flooring, bathrooms, Walls, Countertops, Shower Walls, Shower Floors, Pools, mosaic, fountains, Kitchen, lobby. Best Price of Turkish marble in Rajasthan. Stone Hub India is a top-quality Turkish marble supplier in Kishangarh (Rajasthan, India)  and manufacturing a huge range of Marble.