Agaria Marble is a most settled and finest nature of marble

Agaria Marble is a standout amongst the most settled and finest nature of marble. It needs no creation bolster, no stick holes, no shading change and no loss of clean. This is in every practical sense checked by the structures and different asylums, mosques, blessed spots and milestones in India for over 1000 years now Marble. There are 150 Gangsaw developed which are creating marble pieces and tiles. More than 2500 marble dealer units are here. This division used Fifty thousand immediate and underhanded individuals.

Agaria is a sort of white marble quarried in India. This stone is particularly useful for Building stone,countertops, sinks, landmarks, pool adapting, ledges, elaborate stone, inside, exterr and other plan ventures. It likewise called Agaria White Marble, Rajnagar Marble, Rajnagar White Marble . Agaria Marble can be handled into Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rockfaced, Sandblasted, Tumbled et cetera.

Agaria Marble

Agaria Marble is one of the ideal decision for Interiors and in addition for Exteriors. There is a tremendous request of Agaria Marble in Indian and International Market. Agaria Marble is one of the subjective and accessible in standard sizes and thickness in competative costs. Agaria Marble can likewise be accessible according to the costumize request of Indian and International customers. One can get Agaria Marble fit as a fiddle of regular pieces, prepared sections and tiles and furthermore in lovely outskirt linnings.

Agaria Marble is generally utilized for floor materials, divider claddings, fringes and outlines, handiwork things and some more. Agaria Marble is a multi usable item and subsequently , it can be put in rooms, dinning corridors, kitchens, lobby’s, parkings , store rooms, sanctuary rooms or some more. This is extraordinary compared to other component of Agaria Marble.

Agaria Marble is a characteristic item which comes in lovely plans and figures. Likewise, because of its exceptional glace and sparkle, individuals lean toward it for both private and also for business ventures. Agaria Marble is anything but difficult to fit and adds tremendious beuty to the destinations. Agaria Marble is just an eye getting item.

Agaria Marble

Tips for choosing Supplier of Indian Marble:

This is accessible in wide assortment in India. As marble stone is being utilized as a part of wide assortment in homes, you have to take after specific tips for choosing the provider.

Choose the reason for which you require the marble:

When you have chosen a similar at that point discover the costs from different provider and Compare the costs among them. Aside from this additionally observe the cost of transport for bringing the marble stone from the area you expect to purchase to your home.


What makes a tile so value for money?

Looking for inspiration? Not to Worry. Because Stone hub india is a cool place, a place where shabby chic and glamour meets rustic charm and urban sophistication excitation level. If you’re into more of immense interiors, you’ll spend a lot of time here, because all you got is style..and what makes a tile so value for money; Here are the broad characteristics of tiles that has been jolt down.

Abrasive strength: When you insert a sharp object with force, it shouldn’t scratch the surface.

Tensile strength: This is defined as the strength at which a tile will break when a heavy object is placed on it.

Alkaline test: This is to establish what chemicals and alkalis the tile is resistant to.

Water absorption: This tests how much water a tile absorbs. The less water a tile absorbs, the higher its strength.


Without a care

The tiles are physically one of the toughest surfaces available for home. For an instance; leaving aside their great looks, they are resistant to moisture and high-weather conditions. Today you have digital printed tiles in the market like 3D-Tiles very reasonable and fitting right into your budget. Technology has advanced to the point where it gives you exactly what you want, how you want it, in the easiest way possible. Using Tiles are a choice made by millions and a hot trend for over 5 years and it can’t be wrong.

With a renewed interest in artisan design, patterned and encaustic tiles are again trendy. Now, there’s no need for your tiles to blend quietly into the background when they can make a real style statement in your bathroom, kitchen or the entryway of your home. Make your floors and walls stand out with gorgeous patterned 3D -tiles instead and get creative with different sizes of tiles and distinctive patterns. And don’t limit yourself to the floor; adding this to walls will create a peaceful nature-inspired appearance. Floor tiles are a new emergence into making one’s home appears much more up-to-date and contemporary look.

Earlier normal stone would be used to beautify the floor of your home but now these Patterned tiles are a huge trend setter right now. You can get the look of Morocco or Italian style in your own home with Stone hub india gorgeous range. These tiles will give your home a global feel. You can bring any country stylish look you want at your doorstep, just add some decorative styles more like lanterns, house-plants and so on. The major worth of tiles is that they have a self-cleaning mechanism; therefore, it is best to clean them only with soap water in order to maintain their long life. Do not use any kind of acid and other harsh products. Just use a simple brush, a soft cloth and water.


Wood tile or porcelain wood flooring is the next big thing in home flooring and is different from other tiles in looking, texture and feel.  The new styles of tile flooring also mean that you can easily design a uniformed look in your home by laying it throughout; no need to confine it to wet areas.

For more such ideas and inspiration keep coming at the door of Stone hub india and give your kitchen, bathroom or living room a different world- “A world which you want for your family”.

Imitation Tiles- A Perfect and popular design trend for your home

Tiles are those perfect pieces that give a stunning out of the box-look and transform a simple plain wall in to a magnificent one. A Perfect and popular design trend for your homes is to use the imitation tiles that emulate different aspects of nature such as stone and wood. People now-a-days are bending more towards imitation tiles because it gives the natural look, natural finish. Tiles are easy to maintain in comparison to stone and wood; in addition to that there are not too many varieties available in the market. These are easy to maintain also. Also, if a stone cracks, it is not so easy to replace it, while a stone finish tile can be easily replaced. You cannot eliminate those patchy stains from natural stone tiles easily.

Homes with tiles have generally been observed less dust in the air, making the air much beneficial and healthier by lessening the amount of household allergens. This is an excellent asset, for those who suffer from dust-related allergies. Why here also these tiles score much is that generally – Unlike carpets, floor tiles do not attract dust. The current interiors trend is to have wood finish flooring in bedrooms and stone finishes in drawing rooms. However, caution is that before selecting any kind of tiles for your home, keep certain aspects in mind.

Design Trend

Analyse the functionality of each room, and then pick up tiles based on their different characteristics.

For Your Kitchen

What tile you finally use depends on the design and colour scheme of your Kitchen area and the look you want. Because in kitchen, what point goes more important than aesthetics is that tiles must stay clean and dry. To keep floor dry, you must opt for anti-skid tiles.

For Your Drawing Room

Drawing and dining rooms are those areas that usually see a lot of heavy use and Feasible, functional and beautiful are all those words which describe imitation tiles best. You can opt for abrasion-resistant tiles also, whose colour, design and surface will not fade even after increased footprints; tiles are favorable for you and for your home. You know why? Because It’s environmentally friendly, it escalates the value for your home and is one of the smartest choices.. You can experiment with these kinds of wall tiles; either by using highlighters or a leather finish or even the 3D ones.

Design Trend

For Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are those special areas where you want to just relax; you don’t have to be very skilled person to decorate it. Just give it a try on these imitation tiles and it will be worth it. According to some experts, you should use colours and tiles that are not too bright but gives your bedroom a soothing warm look and inviting. So, gone are the days when tiles were used only in bathrooms or for kitchen back splashes. With an ever-increasing tremendous amount of choices available in the competitive market, tiles have created a storm in the industry. These tiles were a trend that initially picked up in year around 2012, and hasn’t died since then. Happy decorating! with these imitation tiles.

All about tiles-“Small Tiles, Long Stories”

According to the sources, it is believed that the first clay tiles were produced approximately seven to eight thousand years ago in the area which is now known as the Holy Land. It is confirmed by many sources independently that the actual known history of Tiles can be traced as far as 4th millennium BC. Especially, the Indian tile industry is cleaved into organized and unorganized sector. You will be amazed to know that India ranks in the top 3 list of countries in terms of tile production in the world.

With many varieties of tiles are flooding in the market, Stone hub india gives you a brief insight of choosing the right kind of tile for your house.

Small Tiles

How tiles are obtained? 

Tiles are often made of ceramics which also splits in to glaze and unglazed; glaze is for internal uses and non-glazed or unglazed for roof. It is also obtained by mixing raw materials which are widely available in nature i.e. sand, clay etc.  This working mixture in its unfired state is converted into the desired shape and then this product is fired at high temperatures, depending on its composition and type – glazed or unglazed, matte or glossy.

Broadly, there are three sorts of tiles available in the market – porcelain, vitrified, and ceramic.

Ceramic tiles are available in many designs; which also calls for matte, glazed and glossy finishes. Generally they are cheaper than vitrified tiles and used in areas that see less traffic of water.

Porcelain tiles are a also a variety of ceramic tiles. They are also vitrified and come out to be stronger than ceramic tiles.

Vitrified tiles are ceramic and porcelain tiles that have been subjected to a different burning process; as they have a protective glass layer and are stronger, more durable than any other variety. These tiles are generally used in public spaces.

More the number of times the tile is fired; determines its strength. However it does not come in many designs. Tiles are used both on walls and floors. The difference between the two lies at the fact- that the wall tiles are more porous than floor. As Wall tiles have much higher water absorption capacity and that’s why they are placed and fitted on walls where the moisture is higher. One main disadvantage is that in comparison to strength they lag behind floor tiles because of same high porosity. Hence Floor tiles can retain more impact and shocks eventually become more durable and less water absorption.

Small Tiles

A Mini Guide to Size -It-Up

Tiles these days are available in a plethora of sizes. Some popular sizes for floors include 300×600 mm, 600×600 mm, 610×610 mm and 800×800 mm, while wall tiles generally come in sizes of, 300x450mm, 300x600mm, 250x350mm. According to some experts, bigger tiles give us an illusion of a space, but in order to get the best results, one has to match tiles to room size.

Let’s suppose if the room is small, and you are about to use large size tiles on the floor, then the room will definitely look even smaller. For such a room, go for medium format size tiles. One more tip you can keep in mind while designing that “Pick a tile size that will entail the least amount of cutting. Like you have a 6×6 feet room, then you must try to pick a tile size that is a multiple of the size of the room.”

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Let’s Talk About Home Flooring Trends

Stone hub india have had answered hundreds of questions over the years of selling and installing floors. In this section let’s talk about home flooring trends and some ideas. In order to buy a new floor for your home or a specific living area is a very foremost choice and calls for a sizable investment too. It’s a home revamp or boost-up project that you’ll have to live with for many years to come. In the background, the chirping of birds, your days starts with the sunshine, and the chilling winter behind us, we all have a little pep in our step.  Just as our wardrobe goes through an renovate, it is also a great time to give your property or your home a new look.

Flooring Trends

To add a depth and texture to your room, choose a colour that’s always look bold, such as kettle black, which will make a sultry statement in your living area and allow your accents to pop.

Types of Tiles: Contemporary Ceramic, Porcelain and Stone

With its timeless elegance and refinement; long-wearing durability, ceramic, porcelain and stone tile flooring create an uncommon look that’s as practical as it is personal. It’s perfect in kitchens and baths where the moisture resistance is very important and necessary as it is directly related to how much water it can retain is directly related to the density of the tile. Its impact and scratch-resistant properties make it ideal for family and re-creation rooms that get mostly heavy duty use eventually making its maintenance easy. In comparison to ceramic, stone and porcelain; what scientific data shows us that porcelain tiles are much denser and recommended to use.

Flooring Trends

You can find some mind-blowing innovative designs in ceramic, porcelain and stone tile that are pretty much affordable and are quite appealing.

Decide Which Tile is Suitable for Your specific Location

That you have to decide which tile you want to choose for your specified intended location likewise according to the flooring experts porcelain is always a hot-rocking choice than natural stone for kitchen as it is impervious; high water-resistant.

Choose Tiles to Complement Your Decorating Goals

There was a time when you could simply walk into any home and you figure out how old actually the building was by just seeing the tiles used in it. Now-a-days, a homeowner can give every room of the house a luxurious, unsophisticated, homely or elegant impression. Look out for an offer in the market on tiles and you will get to know that there are staggering varieties of tiles-with the endless choices. With this endless choice there are endless questions too pop in your head regarding your goals to decorate your home. What size of tile you need to use, which kind and in which room and which tiles will complement on the floor and walls?

Flooring Trends

At Stone hub india you will find a stunning array of choices in ceramic, porcelain and stone tiles. With an array of choices and guidance that counts glazed and unglazed finishes, contemporary and rustic styles; you can create your home which perfectly matches to your imagination.

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An insight to the Technical Aspects of granite

Materials what we go through in our daily life are probably more deep-seated in our culture than most of us realize. From housing to recreation, virtually every segment of our life is influenced to one degree or the other by materials. Historically, the advancements and developments of our society are connected intimately to the member’s ability to manipulate and produce materials to fill their needs. As we know that early civilizations generally been designated by the level of advancement and development of materials; like stone age then bronze age, iron age and so on. With time passes people discovered the various techniques for producing materials that had properties superior to those of the previous ones. The development of many technologies that make our existence so comfortable today has been closely connected and associated with the accessibility of suitable materials such as granite.


There it comes; known as the oldest igneous rock known on Earth. Derived from the latin word “Granum” which means grain because of its granular structure. It is the most well known igneous rock characterized by its coarse, grainy appearance. Its granular appearance comes from the formation of small crystals that can be seen within the rock from the microscopic view. Due to presence of high level of feldspar content it seems typically light in colour. It is an intrusive igneous rock meaning it is formed from the cooling of magma; which is quite deep in the earth’s surface that eventually results solidification and crystallization. The temperature at which the cooling occurs defines the minerals in it and hence the type of rock is formed. There is a considerable amount of silica present which demands low temperature. It has high silica content and mostly made up of feldspar and quartz. Now it’s important to note that the percentage composition in Granite varies greatly and accordingly impart different colour and texture to the final product. It is generally found in the continental crush covers majorly North America and Canadian Shield. The countries where granite is found in abundance are Canada, India, and china, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Finland and South Africa. So from the mineralogical point of view; its essential minerals are quartz and feldspar. The accessory minerals are biotite, amphibole, and muscovite. Chemically, SiO2 is more than 65%, remaining oxides vary. It is thermally stable, shows no change with the atmospheric changing temperature and impervious to air borne chemicals. One another catch of Granite is that It is highly resistance to chemical erosion which makes it useful for making tanks to store highly caustic material.


It is frequently selected and thought of as a prestigious material due to its beauty when polished. It is hard enough to resist abrasion, strong enough to hold significant weight. These characteristics make this a recommendable and useful dimension stone. The stones are non-porous, which means the surface is scratchproof which makes it difficult for the surface to retain dust and dirt eventually easy to clean. The surface is extremely solid; it comes second in line after diamond for strength and hardness on the Mohr’s hardness testing. That’s why; it last more than any other kitchen remodelling material.

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Remodelling Your Kitchen with Granite

Remodelling your kitchen is kind a great way to feel a new life into an older home, and you can avail a number of other positive benefits as a home-owner. Using Granite in your kitchen makes it more elegant and functional. Select the best textured, coloured, high- supreme quality slab. Make sure you provide proper ventilation and consider about the safety of old age people and children in your home. Stone hub india is one of the leading authentic stone companies in India, offers an extensive range of Indian granite products like tiles, slabs and articles in multiple finishes, sizes, thicknesses and colours at a very competitive prices.


Granite is a naturally occurring material having different colours and different compositions. Its crystalline structure is far more resistant to abrasions, staining and discoloration when compared with other natural stones. It gives a tough fight to Quartz in selecting the best fit natural stone for your kitchen as it also one of the hardest materials present on earth. Granite has a lot of potential as a worktop material because of its strength, resilience to scratching and staining.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. A typical family may remodel their kitchen one or two times in their lifetime yet it has a huge impact on how you can enjoy your home, entertain and of course increase the value of your home. The practicality of kitchen lies that it must goes glamorous with keeping in mind that it must be functional as well as stylish. Firstly, chalk out the space that how many people will use it and what kind of shape you want to give. Just like other natural components within the kitchen, it is countertop which should be of a material that is not just natural, but highly functional and hence, nothing could be a better option than granite as it fulfils all such requirements. Like other natural materials, granite is eco-friendly and can last a lifetime if properly maintained.


Secondly, the kitchen styles; when it comes to style of your kitchen, the options are limitless. Say any colour and any design pattern, granite is available to suit your style which compliments your other kitchen accessories to match. You can choose some of the famous granite varieties from Stone hub india. Don’t get surprise, if you find visible differences in 2 granite slabs that either belongs to the same variety, as this feature makes every slab of granite very exclusive. Though it is found in many parts of the world, it is the Indian granite that is highly admired for its tempting colours, striped patterns as well as quality. To remodel your kitchen especially countertops, give your first preference for granite countertops. The suitability of granite for spaces like kitchen can be attributed to its special qualities, such as its wearing nature, its durability, resistance towards strong acidic conditions and ability to withstand extreme high or low temperatures. Mechanically, with Mohr’s hardness testing rating of seven, it is one of the strongest natural material stone for your kitchen.