Imitation Tiles- A Perfect and popular design trend for your home

Tiles are those perfect pieces that give a stunning out of the box-look and transform a simple plain wall in to a magnificent one. A Perfect and popular design trend for your homes is to use the imitation tiles that emulate different aspects of nature such as stone and wood. People now-a-days are bending more towards imitation tiles because it gives the natural look, natural finish. Tiles are easy to maintain in comparison to stone and wood; in addition to that there are not too many varieties available in the market. These are easy to maintain also. Also, if a stone cracks, it is not so easy to replace it, while a stone finish tile can be easily replaced. You cannot eliminate those patchy stains from natural stone tiles easily.

Homes with tiles have generally been observed less dust in the air, making the air much beneficial and healthier by lessening the amount of household allergens. This is an excellent asset, for those who suffer from dust-related allergies. Why here also these tiles score much is that generally – Unlike carpets, floor tiles do not attract dust. The current interiors trend is to have wood finish flooring in bedrooms and stone finishes in drawing rooms. However, caution is that before selecting any kind of tiles for your home, keep certain aspects in mind.

Design Trend

Analyse the functionality of each room, and then pick up tiles based on their different characteristics.

For Your Kitchen

What tile you finally use depends on the design and colour scheme of your Kitchen area and the look you want. Because in kitchen, what point goes more important than aesthetics is that tiles must stay clean and dry. To keep floor dry, you must opt for anti-skid tiles.

For Your Drawing Room

Drawing and dining rooms are those areas that usually see a lot of heavy use and Feasible, functional and beautiful are all those words which describe imitation tiles best. You can opt for abrasion-resistant tiles also, whose colour, design and surface will not fade even after increased footprints; tiles are favorable for you and for your home. You know why? Because It’s environmentally friendly, it escalates the value for your home and is one of the smartest choices.. You can experiment with these kinds of wall tiles; either by using highlighters or a leather finish or even the 3D ones.

Design Trend

For Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are those special areas where you want to just relax; you don’t have to be very skilled person to decorate it. Just give it a try on these imitation tiles and it will be worth it. According to some experts, you should use colours and tiles that are not too bright but gives your bedroom a soothing warm look and inviting. So, gone are the days when tiles were used only in bathrooms or for kitchen back splashes. With an ever-increasing tremendous amount of choices available in the competitive market, tiles have created a storm in the industry. These tiles were a trend that initially picked up in year around 2012, and hasn’t died since then. Happy decorating! with these imitation tiles.


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