What makes a tile so value for money?

Looking for inspiration? Not to Worry. Because Stone hub india is a cool place, a place where shabby chic and glamour meets rustic charm and urban sophistication excitation level. If you’re into more of immense interiors, you’ll spend a lot of time here, because all you got is style..and what makes a tile so value for money; Here are the broad characteristics of tiles that has been jolt down.

Abrasive strength: When you insert a sharp object with force, it shouldn’t scratch the surface.

Tensile strength: This is defined as the strength at which a tile will break when a heavy object is placed on it.

Alkaline test: This is to establish what chemicals and alkalis the tile is resistant to.

Water absorption: This tests how much water a tile absorbs. The less water a tile absorbs, the higher its strength.


Without a care

The tiles are physically one of the toughest surfaces available for home. For an instance; leaving aside their great looks, they are resistant to moisture and high-weather conditions. Today you have digital printed tiles in the market like 3D-Tiles very reasonable and fitting right into your budget. Technology has advanced to the point where it gives you exactly what you want, how you want it, in the easiest way possible. Using Tiles are a choice made by millions and a hot trend for over 5 years and it can’t be wrong.

With a renewed interest in artisan design, patterned and encaustic tiles are again trendy. Now, there’s no need for your tiles to blend quietly into the background when they can make a real style statement in your bathroom, kitchen or the entryway of your home. Make your floors and walls stand out with gorgeous patterned 3D -tiles instead and get creative with different sizes of tiles and distinctive patterns. And don’t limit yourself to the floor; adding this to walls will create a peaceful nature-inspired appearance. Floor tiles are a new emergence into making one’s home appears much more up-to-date and contemporary look.

Earlier normal stone would be used to beautify the floor of your home but now these Patterned tiles are a huge trend setter right now. You can get the look of Morocco or Italian style in your own home with Stone hub india gorgeous range. These tiles will give your home a global feel. You can bring any country stylish look you want at your doorstep, just add some decorative styles more like lanterns, house-plants and so on. The major worth of tiles is that they have a self-cleaning mechanism; therefore, it is best to clean them only with soap water in order to maintain their long life. Do not use any kind of acid and other harsh products. Just use a simple brush, a soft cloth and water.


Wood tile or porcelain wood flooring is the next big thing in home flooring and is different from other tiles in looking, texture and feel.  The new styles of tile flooring also mean that you can easily design a uniformed look in your home by laying it throughout; no need to confine it to wet areas.

For more such ideas and inspiration keep coming at the door of Stone hub india and give your kitchen, bathroom or living room a different world- “A world which you want for your family”.


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