Why Volga Blue Granite in kitchen backslash

A coarsely grained dark colored natural rock made up of mica and quartz in a blotchy arrangement. The origin of this granite is Ukraine offering a perfect material for your kitchens. Volga Blue Granite comes in basic natural colors of blue and black where it has shaded specks of glittering vivid blue.

Your kitchen breathes with the hues of BLUE!

With its excellent bold shades, Volga Blue Granite offers an extraordinary vision and an enduring material. This quality has made it in massive demand at present. It is extensively used in ‘kitchen countertops’ in projects these days. Give your kitchen a makeover by adding it to your kitchen’s backslash in different ways.


Why Volga Blue Granite in kitchen backslash

Firm/Rigid Granite: – It is a tremendously rigid quality stone. The slabs of this granite can be used in backsplash rounding the total countertop comprising sink area and the oven area. An even look in the kitchen can be created with the combination of countertops and backsplash made up of Volga Blue Granite.

Glossy Granite: – With its lustrous appearance it can perfectly go with stainless steel equipment’s. This grouping of two gives an exceptional expression.

Distinct Granite: – It is amid one of the most treasured stones. So to keep up with the price, generating a contrast of countertops and backsplash in combination with white and grey granite can give a striking gaze to the kitchen.

Guidelines for Cleaning and Caring Volga blue Granite

Our homes appear to be expensive and fashionable with the usage of granite. The fresh and new granite have a lustrous and clear sophisticated surface. As the time passes, its gleaming look starts fading. But by taking proper care and by cleaning those countertops in a correct way you can make it look new and flawless always.

volga blue granite

Cleaning and Sealing of Granite

First thing to be done is keeping your Volga Blue Granite surface always spotless. If anything spills on it, clean it as soon as possible since granite is permeable in nature, the filth quickly immerses leaving a spot of unpleasant stain on its surface.

Next comes sealing. One should seal its granite at least once a year which helps the granite to stay in decent condition.

  1. Commercial Granite cleaner

Using a mild granite cleaner help remove stains easily. Avoid using acidic cleaners as it can scratch your Volga Blue Granites surface making it dull and faded.

  1. Liquefied Soap Solution

Another easy and cost effective method is cleaning with the solution of liquid dish wash and warm water. Scrub gradually with soft sponge and then rinse thoroughly.

  1. Pastes or Poultice

For tough stain marks use ‘poultice’; a paste of bran, flour herbs etc. spread the paste over the stain marks and let stay overnight. Wash out in the next morning.

So, take care of your Volga Blue Granite adding life to your room and crafting a classy impression.


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