These marbles have recommended usage in the interior walls and the floor application

These marbles have recommended usage in the interior walls and the floor application, monuments, countertops, fountains, pools and wall clapping, stairs, mosaic, window sills.

The finishing surfaces can be polished, sawn cut, sanded, rockfaced, sandblasted, tumbled.

These Bianco Venatino Marbles can also be called out as the Bianco Venato Marbles, Marmo Bianco Venatino, Venato White Marble.

Bianco Venatino is marble design of italian style. These marble constitutes of white color as the Bianco in the name of the marble also means white. It has the white tones in the vibrancy and also have greyish color in the appearance of the vein in pencil thin structure.

This type of stones are required in the formation of the tiles and the slab. These tiles and the slab comes from a quarry and from it’s different layers. Thus, it is necessarily recommended to check out the colors before the installation when both the tiles and slab are required in the project.They can be found in a variety of sizes of tiles and of slabs.

The Bianco Venatino marble are found in the mountainside of Falakro mountain  which is close to the village Nevrokopi and through these mountainsides these marbles are quarried. Through the open pit and the tunnel excavation these quarries are developed and thus they are now going to dominate over the white dolomite marbles. It pops out the best for the bathroom cladding and also for the floor where it gives it’s designer impression.

The pros of these tiles are :

They have light and bright up surfaces which gives them a reflecting appearance. The room appears as more spacious and airy due to the brightening appearance of the white countertops. In contrast the darker countertops absorbs the light and thus doesn’t reflect as much light as white countertops reflects.

The white countertops reflects the clean and sterile appearance. These appearance are beneficial in clinics and restaurants kitchens. Thus the clean white surfaces of these describes its sterility.

They give up the spotless appearance which gives up a look of luxurious lifestyle. Keeping them spotless is isn’t easy task. And its really hard to keep up the white countertop look spotless and thus hiring someone to clean them is required and therefore it’s clear that hired help is symbol of wealth.

And more interestingly these white countertops are not even expensive and are thus affordable.

As they have white countertops it’s necessary to maintain their look thus by keeping them clean as they were before. Not everyone can keep them clean as it is challenging. They reflects dirt, spill, and stain.

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