Black And Gold Marble (Michelangelo) Is A Unique And Famous Pakistani Marble

Black and gold marble (Michelangelo) is a unique and famous Pakistani marble, known for its black color with white and gold stripes. It is also called Black & Gold. It is opened by the mountains of Baluchistan province, which is in the southwest of Pakistan and the province is also rich in other minerals such as onyx, granite and others.

Black and Gold (Michelangelo) is marble that very few people know its true origin and most people think it is Italian or Chinese stone rather than buying it from Italy or China, the reason is that its owners Italian factories in China came to Pakistan and bought it in the form of Old mono blocks and then processing them into tiles and re-exporting to other countries, which is the main reason why most buyers believe that this stone comes from Pakistan and the truth. processed by Pakistan and also in Pakistan, but finished tiles have the same quality as Italy and China and the price is almost 50% lower than countries, but the quality is the same.

Black and gold marble (Michelangelo) are mostly exported from Pakistan to China, Italy, the United States and the UAE.


Although, it is not a tough task to understand why marbles are beneficial, here are some core reasons which make them all-time favourite!

Exotic Vibes

Marbles give a fresh feel to the buildings or interiors, wherever they are used. The black and gold marble surely will add royal and novel vibes to the otherwise quotidian surrounding. Furthermore, to be class apart you need to use this marble somewhere.

Stronger and Safer

Exotic stones are strong because of the materials used to make products. They contain binding polymers that increase durability and strength. Even if equipment appears on the surface, they do not cause scratches or cracks. Quartz worktops are made of microfiber which protects furniture from microbes. Because the surface is not porous, there is no dirt or spill that can sit on it and function as a place for germination. So cleanliness is an important feature of exotic stones.


Exotic tombstones or wall coverings are exclusive additions to your home or office. This stone is ideal for adding a sense of modernity to the interior and exterior. Exotic rocks not only enhance the aesthetics of a home or office, but can also increase ROI. Elegant straight-line quartz plates are a great way to modernize any room, including kitchen islands, dining tables, or conference tables in the office.

Easy and Low Maintenance Cost

Because stones are exotic stones, they contain non-porous surfaces without gaps, holes, pores or internal defects. Because of its ubiquitous nature, there are no stains or spills such as marble and granite that can penetrate the surface. Therefore you need to protect the surface without wax coating, sealing or sealing. Finally, care is limited to cleaning the surface with cloth, water and soap – ready!

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